What is an Owner’s Representative?

An owner’s representative is exactly what it sounds like, a representative of the owner of a construction project.  However, the duties of an owner’s representative are not quite so simply stated.

The owner of a project is mostly interested in the final product of construction.  The owner will occupy the building, and make use of it once it is complete.  However, owners are disadvantaged when it comes to dealing with a general contractor and the construction of their project, as construction is typically not part of their daily lives.  This creates the need for a skilled construction management professional which will protect the interests of the owner.

An owner has many responsibilities during the course of a construction project.  The design must meet the owner’s needs for both function and aesthetic appeal, bids must be solicited, change orders need to be analyzed and approved, the budget must be managed, as well as general management of the prime contractor.

The Rev Group, acting as your representative will guide you every step of the way, from organizing the bidding and recommending a general contractor, all the way through owner move-in.  This will keep your budget in check, and provide maximum protection from contractor default and litigation.  Additionally, there are many facets of construction which are not covered in the contract for construction.  The owner must move in, supply furnishings and equipment, as well as maintain all of the complex electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems.  We assist you in this process, providing you with our skilled management until well after the general contractor has gotten his last check and moved on.  This is why you need an owner’s representative, this is why you need The Rev Group.