In the United States, buildings and construction account for:

26% of all landfill waste

39% of total energy use

12% of total water consumption

68% of total electricity consumption

38% of all carbon dioxide emissions

This is why at The Rev Group, we feel it is the construction industry’s responsibility to spearhead the effort for a sustainable world.  With LEED AP consultants, solar designers, renewable energy engineers, and carbon footprint analysts, we are well prepared to ensure the project exhibits a symbiotic relationship with the environment.

The Rev Group fosters sustainability in-house by administering a paperless office, facilitating waste management plans, telecommuting when practical, and many other methods that reflect sustainability.  As we take this responsibility seriously, any viable effort that can be made to lessen our company’s impact on the environment will be analyzed and put into effect.

Not only does building “green” benefit the environment, it also reduces the life-cycle  cost of the project.  Savings can be realized by lower energy and operating costs, as well as overall improved occupant comfort and health.